Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands Based In The UK

The fashion industry is the world’s second-biggest polluting industry, second only to oil. This is due to the widespread use of pesticides in the production of raw materials, polluted wastewater and the release of micro-fibres into the environment throughout the life of synthetic materials. Alongside this, 300,000 tonnes of clothes go to landfill each year in the UK alone.

Fast-fashion has deep roots in the exploitation of poorly treated factory staff, poor working conditions, with many earning as little as £25 a month, labouring for over 12-hour shifts and receiving abuse at work. Going into 2020, many high street stores are taking small steps to move towards greener fashion but small, independent, ethical and sustainable brands are leading the way forward.

Nancy Dee

Created in 2008 by Seraphina Davis, inspired by contemporary classic design, Nancy Dee sells a mix of upcycled, natural, organic and sustainable fabrics with clothes designed to be long-lasting and easily transitional from day-to-night. With a large focus on the life-cycle of the garments, this designer’s patterns minimise fabric waste, whilst leftover fabric is re-dyed or used for new season samples.

All garments designed and created right here in the UK, nurturing local skills and Britain’s reputation for high-quality manufacturing.

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Created by 39-year-old mother of two Nieves Ruiz Ramos AKA Snow, who had over 10 years of experience as a  high street clothing designer, who decided to make a change in the industry they love. Bibico is a sustainable clothing company with a slow ‘back-to-basics’ approach to the industry, crafting fashion that is timeless and well made, whilst rejecting the narrative of fast fashion.

Going against the trend of cheap, synthetic fibres, Bibico uses natural, organic materials such as wool and cotton to create a long-lasting high-quality selection of clothing that will last for years to come.

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Jewelled Buddha

Jewelled Buddha is the home of ethical luxury fashion producing handmade clothes and accessories using upcycled, organic and vegan materials. Their collections ensure age-old craft and cultures are preserved, created by skilled artisans who are either a master at their craft or have learnt from their generations before them, providing your wardrobe with authentic and high-quality fashion

Working exclusively with businesses who hold a strong sense of integrity and transparency ensures respect for the planet and our environmental impact. Sign up to their newsletter to receive 10% off and the latest ethical fashion news.

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Thought works ethically from fabrics and design to delivery of their garments, they look out for every impact their business has on the earth whilst consistently minimizing their environmental footprint. Thought does this by not only using fabrics that are free from pesticides and chemicals but uses fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp as they’re softer, stronger and kinder to the environment, whilst sourcing them from responsible sources.

Their mantra ‘Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on’ is a reminder to look after what we own and make sure garments last as long as they can.

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Komodo is passionate about loving fashion whilst fighting for sustainability and protecting the world we live in. Mindful of both their social and environmental impact, Komodo maintains long-standing relationships with their factories to make sure the working environments are safe and that their staff are guaranteed a fair wage. They also often get involved in their local communities and supporting their social projects.

Committed to eco-friendly fashion since 1988, Komodo is well established in using premium, organic and natural fibres with groundbreaking innovative fabrics such as PU coating and recycled plastic bottles. They are also GOTS certified and a member of the soil association. 

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Supporting these sustainable designers and local brands will not only improve our own economy, but you will also look and feel amazing in their ethical clothing, whilst having peace of mind about what you’re wearing and where it came from.

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